Innovation and excellence in Customer Service: evolution of the Contact Center in specialized teams

A little more than 20 years ago, our department was challenged to develop a technical and analytical service team for the Mercedes-Benz dealer network.

The creation of a service team of these characteristics is complex; the essence of our department is marked by a high level of professional competence, which requires highly specialized profiles and a progression according to the technical innovations of the tools in use. In the specific case of the specialized team for Mercedes-Benz, we have discovered that the contact with salespeople, administrative staff and sales managers, among others, also opens the doors to customer management with an added bonus: we delve into more technical and commercial aspects of the automotive product.

Since our inception we have maintained a strong commitment to study, learning and mentoring within our own team. When expanding our department, we prioritize the selection of candidates who not only possess outstanding communication and assertiveness skills, fundamental for the development of our area, but also have the talent to identify, through conversational experience, the main concerns of our clients. This allows us to concentrate our efforts on the aspects that brands want to highlight and improve.

We thoroughly analyze the information on each product on a daily basis. This knowledge allows us to empower our team members to self-manage, thus increasing the self-service efficiency rate of care.

The deep knowledge we have of the products and services of our brands, which consider us part of their commercial team and not just suppliers, drives us to achieve excellence in results and procedures, meet objectives and constantly propose improvements. Involving the entire team in our concerns, analysis and supervision in a fully accompanied manner. Thus, a shared and professional responsibility is generated among all our profiles with all the challenges, campaigns or projects in which we are involved.

Personal and psychological factors directly influence the purchasing process, 95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotions and, in that percentage, there is another important “little cheese” that falls on the trustthe professionalism and the treatment received by the customer from his salesperson.

Thus, our main objective is to enrich the customer experience by adapting to each brand we collaborate with. This emotional connection, crucial in the buying process, is cultivated daily in our Contact Center through pre-sales, B2B, B2C, cross selling, up selling and loyalty strategies.

Our commitment to new technologies is constant, always adapting to the progression of our industry and implementing new processes according to customer needs, such as the incorporation of different CRM (Dynamics, Salesforce, ad-hoc for the client).

We are constantly evaluating new suppliers, tools and services that can drive our evolution to more efficient and intelligent models. Some time ago we incorporated digital channels such as chat, WhatsApp, social networks, or email that, together with data automation, AI collaboration and process improvement, keep us at the forefront of innovation and are key to offer the best service, both to the customer and to the brand.

This ecosystem allows us to offer a strategic, efficient and adaptable approach to changes and to each of our clients. Working both globally and customized by project, with its different challenges and objectives to be met.

In conclusion, each project is an opportunity to innovate and customize our services, transforming each challenge into part of our identity. This dedication distinguishes us as a pioneer Contact Center in the industry, committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

May 14, 2024

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