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Project: International
Sector: Sports nutrition


Branded Content: A+ Content and Brand Store

Expansion and positioning of the 226ERS brand on Amazon Europe

226ERS is a sports nutrition company, based in Alcoy, which was founded in 2010 by Jesús Sánchez. The adventure of this Spanish brand began in a small office located in the basement of the house of its founder, Jesús. From the beginning, 226ERS’ commitment has been to develop the best products with the highest quality and most natural ingredients. Reducing or eliminating sugar, not using palm oil and manufacturing gluten-free or vegan products are part of the brand’s philosophy.

When the brand 226ERS contacted us, they proposed us the challenge of creating, positioning and expanding their brand on Amazon Seller Europe to have a presence in the four strongest European markets (Spain, France, Germany and Italy).

We started this project with 226ERS more than a year ago, creating and optimizing the catalog in the four markets where the brand is present. In parallel, we started working on the creation of A+ content in order to develop the brand image and promote cross-selling among the products in the catalog. At the same time, we designed the brand’s Brand Stores in these four markets to give greater visibility to the catalog and reinforce the brand’s image. The strategy for 226ERS on Amazon is reinforced by the Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns we have active in the markets where the brand operates. The results speak for themselves.