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To position Ahumados Domínguez as a national reference brand.

Ahumados Domínguez is positioned as the only brand in the production of flavored salmon. With more than 60 years of history, thanks to its loyalty to care, above all, for the quality of its products and a unique production process for generations, it is considered to be in the premium category.

After several years without large-scale communication, the brand needed to revitalize and continue to grow in order to seek a new positioning. To achieve this, Ahumados Domínguez’s business plan set two clear objectives: to increase the frequency of purchases and to increase market penetration.

The Christmas campaign was an unbeatable opportunity to make consumers fall in love with the product by highlighting its benefits. To this end, Ahumados Domínguez relied on Voilà Media, the agency specialized in brand strategy that belongs to the group, to achieve its main objective. The project reached the entire management of integrated services, from digital campaigns, where the brand has bet heavily, to actions in mass media such as: outdoor, radio or television.

The result was a marketing campaign without precedent in the industry, whose main concept revolved around one of the most recognized brand values in the market: transparency in every sense of the word.