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Positioning and brand awareness in Spain

GoDaddy is a company dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs around the world every day by providing all the help and tools to succeed online. The brand has been offering its services for years to provide its clients with the tools, knowledge and human resources to transform their ideas and personal initiatives into success. With more than 20 million customers worldwide, it had a major challenge in Spain: to position itself as one of the leading companies in the domestic market. To achieve this, it was essential to increase brand awareness with actions that would generate notoriety and help us increase the volume of customers.

To this end, we designed a strategy that revolved around a new creative concept: Sube tu Negocio, a project whose purpose is to train and support entrepreneurs and small companies to digitize their businesses. A disruptive way to connect with our audience through multichannel campaigns that combine different formats: VOD, Social Ads, Adwords, RTB, Social Media and Outdoor.

At the same time, we constantly generate content with which to interact with our audience through specific Social Media Content actions, such as the GoTeam (a team of brand ambassadors who help businesses in their digitalization process) and Schoool of Digital (a 10-session training program taught by specialists in different areas of digital marketing). Thanks to all this, we achieved a content ecosystem with which to reach and connect with our target audience and increase GoDaddy’s visibility in the national market.

Thanks to the creation of its own content ecosystem, the brand has managed to position itself and capitalize on the innovation and technology territory. As a result, GoDaddy has increased its awareness and visibility among a well-defined audience of entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.