Mahou - San Miguel


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A case of advanced consumer analytics on Salesforce

The Mahou-San Miguel Group is the largest beer producer in Spain, holding 70% of the exported Spanish beer market.

For years, the Spanish beer brand has been looking for a perfect understanding of the new consumer, the digital consumer. It was here when MIO Group took on the challenge of being able to understand the brand’s consumers through the relationship generated with them and the different interactions they have on various devices, in order to be able to make business decisions, marketing actions and data-driven communications.

Since then, we work, manage, mine and operate Mahou-San Miguel’s relational database, as well as its digital strategy based on consumer behavior, in order to provide the necessary knowledge to carry out actions or provide useful information to guide the actions of the group’s different brands.

How do we do it?

  1. Integrating all sources of information under the Salesforce ecosystem.
  2. Clustering and segmenting users through ad-hoc intelligence models based on their interaction with the brand, their interests or cognitive information obtained through Xeerpa or AI Watson.
  3. Working the relational strategy with business criteria, understanding the complete cycle, designing and delivering dashboards and analytics panels in real time within Salesforce. And delivering clear and straightforward monthly reports that facilitate decision making at departmental and company level.

Thanks to this data, we are able to decide to whom, in what way, with what message, in what channel or with what tone, to launch a communication message, as well as to take ‘looks alikes’ for recruitment or other actions of the Mahou San Miguel Group.