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A comprehensive project to turn the online channel into the main sales channel.

Metrovacesa, a real estate developer with more than 100 years of experience in the sector, trusted us to help them achieve one of the most important milestones in the company’s history: turning the digital channel into another sales channel to add to the traditional ones.

The starting point consisted of designing a work methodology that would integrate all the teams involved in MIO Group (Creation, Activation, Marketing Automation, Data, SEO, Web Development) with the business objectives and the different departments of MVC, under a common strategy and a single management figure for the entire project, a transversal Project Manager.
At the same time, we opted for a unique measurement system that would measure the different conversion paths, something that allowed us not only to optimize online campaigns in an integrated way, but also to generate strategies with advanced audiences based on Metrovacesa’s business objectives.
And most importantly, we were pioneers in the implementation of creative digital solutions to increase both the client’s business and its notoriety, making the brand be perceived as a digital and modern company.

As a result, thanks to the constant coordination with the client to integrate their business data in the marketing strategy planted by MIO Group, as well as the activation of campaigns at the moments of greatest need, we not only made MVC the leading real estate company in innovation but also the leader in sales of exclusive promotions at a national level.