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A strategy faithful to its brand values multiplied its market share

“Tarifa is angry!” All mobile operators have used their name and convinced their users that their tariffs are flat, no commitment or no permanence. But the people of Tarifa are not happy and want that vision to change. Because Tarifa is inimitable and proud to be Tarifa.

Pepephone, a telecommunications services company with more than ten years in the sector, has always linked its business strategy to its brand values, with user satisfaction as its top priority. Under this premise, the teleoperator faced the challenge of communicating its differentials and thus increasing its market share in an increasingly competitive sector. The solution? It was clear to us from the beginning; to be different we had to do something different.

A powerful and original action in social networks shows a universe of its own around the life of Tarifa and its people, whose objective is to show the viewer that, just as there is only one Tarifa – Pepephone’s Inimitable Tarifa – the treatment they give to their customers is unique in the market. The campaign was disseminated in different formats for the digital media and the different social networks, achieving spectacular results in a very short time.