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Customer insight and experience: keys to the best year for contract acquisition and retention

Fain Ascensores is a Spanish company with a strong national and international expansion in recent years. This growth led them in 2019 to search for a partner to help them in the inevitable digital transformation required by the company.

Together with MIO Consulting, the group’s specialized consulting company, the project began by developing marketing and sales integration actions: segmented digital campaigns for each product line and type of customer (SEM, Social Ads, RTB) and the implementation of automated marketing and sales processes (through a Marketing automation + CRM pilot). At the same time, we worked on the complete renovation of the website, the improvement of the corporate image and the increased presence of the brand in all searches related to the sector.

As a result, in just one year we found an improvement in the public valuation of FAIN, an increase in traffic and the most positive balance of the last 10 years between clients gained vs. lost, with special emphasis on client retention through improvements in the client experience and in the communication of the value provided by FAIN. The short and medium term challenges are the integration of the entire Salesforce technology stack, the internationalization of the business and the establishment of the company as a reference in the sector in Spain.